If you have a pet that has been diagnosed with cancer you likely feeling overwhelmed. At Black River Veterinary Hospital we are pleased to offer on-site cancer care. Dr. Hamilton of Private Veterinary Specialties is a board-certified medical oncologist and seeing patients at BRVH on Mondays from afternoon into the early evening. This service allows pet owners to receive specialist care at our convenient location, without having to travel to a specialty hospital.

Dr.Hamilton and his technicians bring years of experience in pet cancer care to our hospital. Oncology services offered will include immunotherapy, chemotherapy, cancer pain management, quality of life enhancement, cancer diagnostic testing and radiation therapy screening. During your consultation, Dr.Hamilton will review your pet’s prognosis, treatment options, and provide a customized treatment plan.

For more information about Dr. Hamilton and his team’s services you may visit their website or speak to one of our doctors or team members for details.