Here at Black River Veterinary Hospital, we would be glad to run an urinalysis for your pet.

Urinalysis is run on urine, whether you catch it mid-stream or we are able to get a sample off of the table or floor.

We are able to check for blood, glucose, bacteria, and much more. If we have enough urine, we also spin it down in a centrifuge and look at it under a microscope. If your pet has an urinary tract infection, we often can see the bacteria on the slide, differentiating between types of bacteria.

Running an urinalysis can be quite helpful. Not only does it test for urinary tract infections, but it can give us information on the functioning of the kidneys. Sometimes, it is the first indication of diabetes.

If you have any questions about our urinalysis testing or think that your pet needs to have his or her urine checked, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (908)-879-1000.